Learning at Your Fingertips
FORSHAW has partnered with the National Pest Management Association’s Online Learning Center which offers exclusive virtual access to discounted training courses that cover everything from technical education to new hire training. This is the premier virtual training center for pest management professionals looking to expand their knowledge of pest control as well as earn credits online.
 Standardized training for new and existing employees 

State recertification opportunities 

All done online
Available Courses
  • Ants: Biology, Behavior, and Control
  • Biting Flies: Biology, Behavior, and Control
  • Cockroaches & Termites: Biology, Behavior, and Control
  • Filth Breeding Flies: Biology, Behavior, and Control
  • Introduction to Pest Groups
  • NPMA Bed Bug Basics
  • NPMA New Hire Training for Service Technicians
  • NPMA Pollinator Awareness Training
  • NPMA Rodenticide Stewardship
  • Social and Solitary Hymenoptera: Biology, Behavior, and Control
  • Using Pyrethroids Responsibly For Effective Pest Management
  • Zika Virus and Integrated Vector Management 

Additional Courses
Safe House Project Training on FORSHAW University 
  • 5 modules totaling 30 minutes 
Click Here to learn more about Safe House Project
Sample Training: New Hire Training Module 1 

Steps to Register for FORSHAW University 
  1. Click the link below and complete the registration form 
  2. Once the form is successfully submitted allow 3 business days to receive your account credentials
  3. Login and access your classes at ForshawUniversity.com